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The Problem

Companies are beginning to realize the importance of retaining their electronic files for extended periods of time. Although the majority of these files are most often never accessed or modified again they serve as valuable reference data. Market studies estimate that of all the data generated by a company in its lifetime, up to 70% of it is reference data. Most current storage infrastructures are ill-equipped to handle the capacity, archiving and long-term storage requirements.

Most companies make no attempt to try and solve this problem. Often left on the same high-performance, high-dollar systems as their current data and business-critical applications, leads users to a growing dependence upon disk-based arrays and magnetic tape. The end result is that as the size of the backup window required grows by an order of magnitude to the amount of storage employed. Most companies will not have the time or the resources to devote to completely backing up terabytes of storage thoroughly, ultimately placing the company’s most valued assets at risk.

The Solution

DISC products alleviate the burden of maintaining reference data by adding capacity to networks while shrinking backup windows. Data can be automatically migrated, as it ages, off of the frontline data storage infrastructure to a centralized repository. Stored on optical media, data can be reliably maintained for up to 35 years, while random access ensures quick and easy retrieval as needed. Because the reference data is stored on a DISC solution, the backup window is significantly reduced as optional High-Availability functionality and Write Once Read Many (WORM) recording options ensure data preservation.

DISC solutions are offered with either Network Attach Storage or Storage Area Network connectivity options, ensuring that the data stored on the system will be maintained, and continuously accessible, as an active part of the network regardless of where it resides.

    • Reliably archive a company’s entire data lifecycle
    • Random access, quick and easy file retrieval    
    • Shrink backup windows by an order of magnitude    
    • Reduce reliance upon disk arrays and tape to
reliably store data
    • Optional WORM recording for ensured data
DISC Products Used in the Solution
Orion Series
Enterprise-level MO storage libraries with up to 9.5 TBs of capacity. Modular design architecture and optional barcode media management system offers quick and easy access to data. High-reliability and fast access times for the most data-intensive applications.
NSM Series
Next-generation DVD storage libraries used for long-term storage and archiving. Modular design architecture for scalability up to 6.48 TBs of data in the same chassis. Cost-effective solution leverages widely-adopted technology for portability and easy integration.
Optimized file server and controller with automated data migration and management functions. Connects DISC storage libraries to the LAN as an active network node. Optional High-Availability and clustering functionality for mission-critical applications.
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