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The Problem

Up until recently, businesses have been lulled into thinking that they had sufficient backup and disaster recovery contingencies. Relying upon redundant hard disk arrays and magnetic tape, IT departments have begun to realize that their backup windows increase proportionately to the amount of storage that they employ. In the case of a multi-terabyte application, more often than not, IT departments are forced to either take incremental snapshots of their data or else risk not backing up at all. Both scenarios are undesirable in environments which place a high priority on the preservation of data.

The Solution

DISC storage solutions effectively protect data by simultaneously writing data to an online file server and optical storage library cluster, a procedure known as “Hot Backup” which significantly reduces the chances of data loss. The clustered system appears on the network as a single device, and can be placed in separate geographic areas connected via LAN or WAN for increased security. A full-featured set of failover and recovery options provide the flexibility to repair and restore the cluster during low-usage periods. By employing a High Availability solution, IT departments can not only reduce their dependency upon hard disk arrays and magnetic tape, but they also have a robust solution optimized for continuous access to data.

    • Reduce reliance on hard disk and tape
    • Shrink backup windows    
    • Data writes to mirrored library systems    
    • Self backing features write data to optical media
    • Self healing cluster during low-usage periods    
DISC Products Used in the Solution
DISCSTOR/nas High Availability
Optimized file server and controller with automated data migration and management functions. Self backing and self archiving functionality ensures that data being written to mirrored library systems will be available when needed.
Orion Series
Enterprise-level MO storage libraries with up to 9.5 TBs of capacity. Modular design architecture and optional barcode media management system offers quick and easy access to data. High-reliability and fast access times for the most data-intensive applications.
NSM Series
Next-generation DVD storage libraries used for long-term storage and archiving. Modular design architecture for scalability up to 6.48 TBs of data in the same chassis. Cost-effective solution leverages widely-adopted technology for portability and easy integration.
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