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Strategic Evolution

DISC has strategically evolved from supplying document imaging appliances to delivering a complete range of NearLine Storage Solutions with capacity up to 10 terabytes. DISC has increased its worldwide presence and strengthened market position by merging with NSM Storage in 2001. Other milestones include:

  Document Imaging Systems Corporation (DISC) founded
  Proof of concept model for DocuStore optical libraries engineered
  Prototyping commences; venture capital funding and product development
      tooling completed
  NSM releases its first CD-ROM jukebox, the CDR 100 SC
  DocuStore beta shipments begin
  DISC's initial public offering, Nasdaq: DCSR
  NSM introduces first CDR-Recordable jukebox with integrated recorder drive
  DISC increases capacity 17 percent on two models of DocuStore CD-ROM
  DISC announces Windows NT compatibility with its full line of optical libraries
  New SlimLine jukeboxes support up to 24 CD-ROM/CD-R drives or up to eight 5.25-inch optical drives
      NSM introduces Mercury Series the first CD jukebox designed specifically for
data storage requirements
  DISC Announces 4.6 terabyte optical jukebox
  DISC introduces industry's first quad function CD/Optical hybrid jukeboxes that support CD-ROM, CD-R erasable optical and WORM media
  DISC introduces CD-R jukeboxes with Sony's Packet-Recording drives
  Entry-Level magneto optical libraries introduced
  DISC introduces new Entry-Level CD-ROM/R jukeboxes
  DISC introduces Orion Series MO jukeboxes
  DISC increases library storage capacity with integration of 5.2 GB optical disk drives
  DISC Announces availability of 2.6 gigabyte disk drives in its jukeboxes
  DISC introduces departmental level D Series libraries
  DISC receives ISO 9001 certification
      NSM introduces NSM Series high capacity CD/DVD jukeboxes
  DISCSTOR/naS, network attach storage product released
  DISC Announces DV Series CD/DVD libraries
  DISC integrates 9.1 GB optical drives, boosting storage capacity up to 10
  DISC announces support for 5.25 inch Ultra Density Optical format
  DISC merges with NSM Storage GmbH
  DISC Wins Best of Show Award at Internet World Chicago
  DISC announces CapacityDoubler for NSM Series to lower the total cost of ownership for storage
  DVD-R/DVD-ROM availability for NSM and Mercury Series libraries
  DISC & Sun Microsystems partner to provide cost-effective storage solutions for healthcare market
  DISC products available through SEWP III Contract
  Tivoli supports Orion Series libraries
      DISC Wins Best of Show Award at Government Technology Conference
      DISC introduces NSM3000U, NSM4000U & NSM7000U next-generation modular storage libraries
  DISC announces High-Availability & Clustering Network Attach Storage
      DISC announces blue laser-based, Ultra Density Optical Storage



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