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  • High-availability & clustering
  • Fault-tolerant storage
  • Failover recovery
  • Real-time archive
  • Seamless connectivity across multiple environments



High-Availability & Clustering Network Attach Storage

DISCSTOR/nas high-availability and clustering NAS combines the speed and performance of hard-disk drive with the long-term stability and portability of optical technology to provide a full-featured storage hierarchy solution.

Available hardware and software features create a fault-tolerant and self-backing storage system that appears on the network as a single storage device. Data is written to identical member systems, so that in the event of a failure, the surviving member node will seamlessly assume read and write duties without interruption of service.

Supporting storage capacities from 144 GB to 9.5 TB, DISCSTOR/nas can operate as a common pool of storage shared by multiple servers and clients using NFS, CIFS and AppleTalk file systems and protocols over TCP/IP networks.

  Processor   Intel Pentium III
  Memory   Up to 512 MB ECC, 100 MHz
  Operating System   Linux v7.3
  Hard Disk Drive   60 GB EIDE
  Storage Capacity   144 GB to 9.5 TB
  Software   DISCSTOR/nas v1.3
  Network Connectivity   10/100BaseTX (2x)
  Protocol Support   NFS, CIFS & AppleTalk over TCP/IP
  Environment Monitoring   SNMP
  Software Features   Scalable volume sets
      Automated data & file migration
      Graphical User Interface
      Secure connection via SSH
      Optional High-Availability features
  Availability Features   Supports inlet power from 2 AC sources
      Ethernet connection auto failover
      Mirrored copies of data objects

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