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The Problem

Email, in the corporate environment, is regarded as a necessary tool in which to communicate and collaborate with others. MIS departments regularly juggle their data storage to handle the increasing demands placed on their infrastructure. Many institutions are also finding it a basic requirement to extend the retention period for their email messages and need a viable long-term, and cost effective solution. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and SEC explicitly spell out how digital files, such as email, should be retained and stored for audit purposes and many companies will struggle to keep up.

AMR Research predicts that Fortune 1000 companies will spend $2.5 billion on IT infrastructure to meet current SEC guidelines.

The Solution

DISC nearline storage solutions allow enterprises to continue generating and receiving email while having access to the business’ lifetime worth of email archives. Acting as a central repository, the DISC storage solution behaves as another network node and is accessible anytime, anywhere on the corporate LAN and frees up existing resources for everyday processing and transaction requirements.

    • Free up existing IT infrastructure from the email
    • Users can generate and retain a lifetime’s worth
of email without storage restrictions
    • Actively archive the enterprise’s complete email
    • Rewriteable or Write Once Read Many (WORM)
storage options for permanency
    • Fully automated access to email archives through
the network
DISC Products Used in the Solution
NSM Series
Next-generation DVD storage libraries used for long-term storage and archiving. Modular design architecture for scalability up to 6.48 TBs of data in the same chassis. Random access to data ensures quick and easy file retrievals when needed.
Optimized file server and controller with automated data migration and management functions. Connects the NSM Series library to the LAN as an active network node. Optional High-Availability and clustering functionality for mission-critical applications.
Additional Resources
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