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The Problem

Healthcare applications are generating digital content in increasing amounts. X-rays, CAT scans and other vital patient records are often required to be available not only at one location, but now globally. With the HIPAA statute coming into effect, requirements for protecting patient records and privacy are necessitating the need for effective storage solutions which provide an additional layer of tamper-proof functionality.

The Solution

DISC storage systems allow medical institutions to archive a patient’s entire medical history by using one of the most reliable storage technologies ever created. With NAS and SAN connectivity options, multi-terabyte storage archives are made available anywhere across the globe. Optional Write Once Read Many (WORM) recording technology protects patient information against unauthorized tampering.

    • Store high-resolution, digital files
    • Access to a patient’s entire medical history    
    • Centralized medical record repository    
    • Write Once Read Many (WORM) recording option
    • Satisfy HIPAA requirements for patient record
privacy and accessibility
DISC Products Used in the Solution
Orion Series
Enterprise-level MO storage libraries with up to 9.5 TBs of capacity. Modular design architecture and optional barcode media management system offers quick and easy access to data. High-reliability and fast access times for the most data-intensive applications. Optional write once read many (WORM) recording for data integrity and preservation.
NSM Series
Next-generation DVD storage libraries used for long-term storage and archiving. Modular design architecture for scalability up to 6.48 TBs of data in the same chassis. Random access to data ensures quick and easy file retrievals when needed. Cost-effective solution leverages widely-adopted technology for portability and easy integration.
Optimized file server and controller with automated data migration and management functions. Connects DISC storage libraries to the LAN as an active network node. Optional High-Availability and clustering functionality for mission-critical applications.
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