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  Nov 14, 2001   DISC Inc. Announces Feature That Doubles Capacity of DVD-RAM Storage Systems
  Oct 22, 2001   DISC Inc. Announces PoINT Software Support for Orion Series
  Sep 04, 2001   BakBone Forges OEM Agreement with DISC
  Aug 21, 2001   American Airlines SkyRadio
      Interview with Robert W. Riland III
  Aug 15, 2001   The Wall Street Transcript
      Discussion with J. Richard Ellis
  Aug 09, 2001   DISC Wins Best of Show Award At Internet World
  Aug 07, 2001   DISC Inc Completes NSM Storage GmbH Acquisition
  Jul 09, 2001   DISC Inc. Acquires NSM Storage GmbH to Create Global Nearline Storage Provider
  Apr 23, 2001   Optical Storage Industry Achieve Milestone for High Performance, High Capacity Storage
  Mar 26, 2001   DISC Announces Strategic Alliance with NSM Storage
  Mar 19, 2001   DISC Announces Support for Sony's 5.25-inch "Ultra Density Optical" Format
  Mar 02, 2001   DISC Increases Library Storage Capacity with Integration of New 9.1 GB Optical Disk Drive

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