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  Apr 16, 2003   DISC, Inc Announces Blue Laser-Based, Ultra Density Optical Storage
      Seamlessly mix UDO™ & MO drives in existing DISC Orion Series libraries
  Apr 03, 2003   DISC, Inc Announces High-Availability & Clustering Network Attach Storage
      Fault-tolerant and self-backing storage system allows for uninterrupted service
  Feb 28, 2003   SONY Data Storage Spotlight Featuring DISC, Incorporated
      Magneto-Optical technology is one of the most reliable storage technologies ever created. Get an industry-primer behind the technology featuring DISC, Incorporated
  Dec 07, 2002   BusinessNow: DISC, Incorporated
      Spotlight on DISC, Incorporated at COMDEX 2002
  Nov 19, 2002   DISC Expands its Next-Generation Archival Storage Systems with the NSM7000U
      Modular architecture dramatically increases storage capacity within same system
  Sep 05, 2002   DISC, Inc. Announces the Next Generation Archival Storage Systems
      Modular architecture allows storage capacity to quadruple within same system
  May 22, 2002   DISC WIns Best of Show at Government Technology Conference
  Apr 29, 2002   DISC Inc. and Sun Provide Cost-Effective Way to Store Large Images
      The DISC/Sun implementation offers the UCSF Radiology Department an environment that delivers multiprocessing and multithreading capabilities for computer-intensive graphics
  Apr 08, 2002   DISC Announces Tivoli Support of Orion Series Library
  Mar 27, 2002   Five Questions With: Bob Riland, DISC's President & CEO
      Internet World talks to Bob Riland about the recent strategic alliance between DISC and Government Micro Resources
  Mar 19, 2002   DISC, Inc. Products Available Through SEWP III Contract
  Mar 13, 2002   DISC to Feature Nearline Storage Solutions at CeBIT
  Mar 11, 2002   Riland Named President & CEO of DISC, Inc.
  Feb 13, 2002   DISC, Inc. & Sun Microsystems Provide Cost-Effective Way to Store Large Images Online
      University of California San Francisco Radiology Department can now access stored PACS images online, while reducing the total cost of storage
  Feb 08, 2002   The Resurgence of Near-Line Storage
      Today, with storage growth and budget cuts once again big issues, near-line storage is returning to vogue
  Feb 05, 2002   Developing a Storage Strategy
      Most organizations are facing exponential data growth and IT managers need to adopt a storage strategy for managing, protecting and growing their network storage assets
  Jan 22, 2002   DISC, Inc. Announces Recordable DVD Support for Storage Libraries
      Complete range of recordable DVD technologies now available

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