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CommVault Systems and DISC Sign Strategic Partnership
and Joint Marketing Agreement

(February 23, 2000)

Milpitas, CA - DISC Inc. (NASDAQ: DCSR), a leading manufacturer of automated library solutions for enterprise storage, announced today that it would partner with CommVault Systems, Inc. to provide a complete storage solution based on the combination of the CommVault Vault98 software and the DISC Orion Series of libraries. DISC is now able to offer customers a full storage management solution that is a lower cost alternative to the purchase of additional RAID magnetic storage and at the same time eliminates the need for backup to tape. By including the 3DArchive and DataMigrator software modules from CommVault, the solution provides comprehensive data management functions including seamless access to data stored on nearline storage and policy-based migration of data to nearline storage.

"The data storage market is growing exponentially and the traditional model for storing and protecting these vast amounts of information at a reasonable cost is breaking down," stated J. Richard Ellis, President and CEO of DISC. "Customers are now understanding the only 25% to 30% of the information in their data repositories is needed online and the remainder can be migrated to a much lower cost nearline archive. Furthermore, the remaining data in the online magnetic storage array can be backed up to the nearline archive on an incremental basis as that data changes."

"Optical technology has long been recognized as the premier storage technology for random access to data, low cost and long term data storage reliability," continued Mr. Ellis. "The Vault98 software, developed by CommVault, is ideally suited to meet the needs of the evolving storage market when coupled with the DISC optical libraries. As partners for over 2 years, DISC and CommVault have been delivering enterprise-wide solutions to many premier companies. DISC will now be offering a nearline archive solution for the UNIX marketplace tailored from offerings in the Vault98 family."

"The management of swiftly growing volumes of business-critical data is one of the most pressing IT challenges," said Bob Hammer, CommVault President, Chairman and CEO. "The proven combination of our Vault98 storage management software and DISC nearline storage libraries can help reduce the total cost of data storage."

By using the Vault98 DataMigrator software, in combination with high capacity DISC nearline optical storage libraries, customers can defer the cost of additional RAID magnetic storage. The DataMigrator software lets customers set parameters to migrate older data to DISC nearline archives leaving only the most actively used files on RAID. This strategy provides a lower total cost of storage for all data while maintaining rapid access to critical information.

The 3DArchive software module of the Vault98 suite lets users of UNIX client systems view their storage as if it were an NFS file directory still resident on the local system. Data collected during the archival and backup process is transparently organized into a network-wide directory on the central storage server. By using DISC magneto optical storage libraries and the 3DArchive function of Vault98, network clients have random access to multiple versions of their files. Users may view archived data by date or version without the aid of an administrator.

As an added benefit, customers will be able to take advantage of the Vault98 backup and restore capabilities. Information on RAID can be backed up to the nearline archive eliminating the need for additional tape backup systems - as the optical nearline storage archive handles all of the secondary storage needs. The Vault98 user interface mirrors that of the RAID applications, allowing administrators to backup, browse or restore data in its native format. This allows users to easily restore only the requested document or message without the need to restore the entire directory or database, saving time and boosting productivity.

About CommVault Systems

Based in Oceanport, NJ, CommVault Systems, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing enterprise-wide storage management solutions for client/server environments. The company's singular focus creating and implementing fast, reliable and easy-to-use storage management solutions to meet customer's data management requirements. The company's software products seamlessly ensure the reliable, rapid restoration of files, business-critical applications and today's most popular databases.

Information on CommVault is available at or by calling (732)870-4000.

About DISC

DISC Incorporated manufactures an extensive family of automated library solutions for enterprise storage. DISC storage devices are designed and built at their ISO 9001 certified plant in Milpitas, California. DISC products range in capacity from 104 GBs to 5.4 TBs and are designed for high performance and maximum reliability.

Customers seeking more information may reach DISC at 1-800-944-3472 or (408)934-7000.


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