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DISC Increases Library Storage Capacity
with Integration of New 9.1 GB Optical Disk Drive

(March 2, 2001)

Milpitas, CA - DISC®, Inc. (NASDAQ: DCSR), a leading manufacturer of nearline storage solutions, has integrated Sony’s 9.1 GB multi-functional Magneto Optical drive in its nearline storage devices.

“Sony’s latest iteration of MO technology gives us the ability to provide one of the most cost effective storage solutions in the industry,” said Bob Riland, DISC Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The new drive will boost DISC’s Orion D1050 - the largest 5.25-inch MO automated library system in the industry - to a capacity of 9.4 TB and also increase the performance of data transfers by 20 percent. Existing DISC library systems can be upgraded to support the new high-capacity drives and allow for storage increases of up to 75%.

“Our corporate goal is to build storage products that add capacity to networks for a fraction of the cost of RAID,” continues Riland. “By integrating the latest 9.1 GB technology from Sony, our end-users can acquire DISC storage solutions for less than 4 cents per megabyte.”

Product Features

The new multifunctional drive offers 14 times the capacity of the first generation 650MB MO drive, and can read and write to 9.1 GB, 5.2GB, 2.6GB MO and Continuous Composite Write Once (CCW) media and read 1.3 GB, 1.2 GB and 650 MB media.. The drives provide a sustained data transfer rate of 6.14 MB/sec, a maximum burst transfer rate of 20MB/sec., and an average seek time of 25 milliseconds.

With high-speed access to 9.1 GB of data, the new drive provides exceptional reliability with mean time between failures (MTBF) of 100,000 power-on hours, and a mean swaps before failures (MSBF) of 750,000 cycles, making it the ideal storage solution for high capacity nearline storage environments.

Pricing and Availability

DISC’s ORION series of storage solutions provides users with high performance, reliability and quality. Libraries with the 9.1GB (ANSI-, ISO, and ECMA-standard) optical disk drives as well as stand-alone drives are available through DISC’s international network of OEMs, System Integrators, VARs, and Resellers. Prices vary depending on model and media capacity.

About DISC:

Established in 1986, DISC, INC., a leading manufacturer of automated solutions for enterprise storage, provides companies with nearline storage devices that add capacity to networks for a fraction of the cost of RAID. DISC storage solutions range in capacity from 40 GB to 9.7 TB and are designed for high performance and maximum reliability. Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, DISC, Inc. can be found on the World Wide Web at Sales and engineering offices are located in Northern California, Dallas, Boston, Phoenix, Washington D.C. and the United Kingdom and can be reached by calling (800) 944-3472 or (408) 934-7000 or by e-mail at


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