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OptiMed Incorporates DISC Libraries
in Their Cardiac Digital Archival Systems

(March 5, 1999)

Milpitas, CA - DISC Inc. (NASDAQ: DCSR), a leading manufacturer of automated library solutions for enterprise storage, and OptiMed Technologies announced today that they have incorporated DISC's family of 5.25" optical storage libraries into their cardiac OptiCor digital archival systems.

OptiMed provides customers with a versatile, large capacity image management and archiving system. Using Disc's storage libraries, OptiMed can provide deep archiving capabilities while maintaining easy accessibility of patient case studies. The DISC library contains multiple disk drives which manage 5.25" Write Once Read Many (WORM) optical disks with individual capacities of 5.2 GBs. Library storage offered by DISC range from 104 GBs to 5.4 TBs and may be combined with other multiple storage devices on the same network to satisfy larger capacity requirements. Optical disks are fast, real-time devices with high data capacity. When the disks are placed in a library, they provide at least 50+ years of reliable and stable storage. OptiMed's system brings medical image data to the users where and when it is needed.

Patient image files are protected by several system and archive design features, including built-in file server redundancy and deep archive storage confirmation. WORM disks ensure that important patient data cannot be accidentally overwritten while formatting and encryption guarantee system integrity and patient confidentiality.

"The strong worldwide demand for OptiMed systems has resulted from our ability to meet the image management and archival needs of any size hospital. The flexibility of the OptiCor system design, combined with the array of storage library sizes available from DISC, allows us to customize a system for any hospital situation," stated Ben Noy, President of OptiMed.

"The distributed network design of OptiMed's OptiCor image management and archival networks integrate well with Disc's family of automated storage libraries. Both are designed to allow system-wide flexibility and growth for the future, " said J. Richard Ellis, President and CEO of DISC. "This flexibility is important to our customers who are continually faced with changing storage requirements."

About OptiMed Technologies

OptiMed Technologies, Inc. is a medical systems integrator that designs and markets image management and archival systems to cardiac catherization laboratories throughout the world. The state-of-the-art technology, flexibility and security of the OptiCor system have made it the leading archival solution in the cardiac market.

Interested parties may contact OptiMed at (973) 740-0220.

About DISC

DISC Incorporated manufactures an extensive family of automated library solutions for enterprise storage. DISC products range in capacity from 104 GBs to 5.4 TBs and are designed for high performance and maximum reliability.

Customers seeking more information may reach DISC at 1-800-944-3472 or (408)934-7000.


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