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DISC & Pathlight Partner
to Introduce First Optical Storage Area Network Archive

(April 13, 1999)

Milpitas, CA - DISC Inc. (NASDAQ: DCSR), a leading manufacturer of automated library solutions for enterprise storage, and Pathlight Technology, Inc. announced today that they have entered into an OEM agreement to supply the first Storage Area Network Optical Archive (SANOA). SANOA is an automated nearline optical data storage solution that embeds Pathlight's SAN Gateway into DISC's Orion Series storage devices. This integrated solution delivers Fibre Channel connectivity via the SAN Gateway to the DISC library and enables sharing of storage resources from multiple hosts with remote monitoring and management of data.

Fibre Channel Connectivity

Utilizing Pathlight Technology's SAN Gateway, the DISC storage library is able to connect directly to Fibre Channel-enabled servers. SANOA supports up to 3 direct configurable Fibre Channel connections with up to 10km between storage servers and systems. SAN configurations using multiple direct connections create the most reliable SAN solutions and do not require hubs, switches and bridges. "As the amount of data on networks and access to that data grow exponentially, the data throughput and connectivity requirements of many of our customers are no longer satisfied by direct SCSI connections," stated J. Richard Ellis, President and CEO of DISC. "By integrating Pathlight's Technology into our Orion library family, we are able to offer our customers new dimensions in the data flow, connectivity and management of nearline optical archive systems. Furthermore, as the name implies, SANOA offers a solution for the emerging storage area network market."

Sharing of Storage Resources

Sharing storage resources in one of the key benefits of SANs. Disc's SANOA allows multiple host access to optical nearline archives and provides customers with a reliable means of managing, tracking and sharing data between systems. This is accomplished by using the Pathlight SAN Gateway's access control features to ensure data integrity. Channel access control creates zones, which are created by controlling the access between different channels or ports. Multiple zones sharing common SAN connectivity channels can be created. SANOA is completely independent, requiring no software components on the host.

"In creating SANOA using the SAN Gateway, DISC has demonstrated an understanding of the broad requirements for implementing Storage Area Network-based solutions," Said Rahmani, Senior Vice President of Pathlight Technology stated. "This is a fully realized SAN solution, that combines the concept of shared resources with the need for fundamental access controls, management facilities and cross-platform connectivity. As a result, customers are getting far more than simply another attached device. They are getting an integral component designed to meet today's storage needs and tomorrow's enterprise-wide SAN implementations."

Remote Monitoring and Management of Data

As the amount of data that organizations process continues to increase, the ability to share data across storage networks is increasingly important. SANOA provides a complete remote management solution to configure and maintain the SAN via out-of-hand Ethernet interfaces using SNMP, through a platform-independent Java application. A server-based Java application communicates with all connected devices. Two viewing models, tree view and front panel view, are available for SAN management via out-of-band Ethernet interfaces using SNMP, through a platform-independent Java application. The SAN's heartbeat can be remotely or centrally monitored and controlled from a single point with complete event logging and notification, error analysis and health check for predictive failure analysis.

About Pathlight

Pathlight Technology, Inc. has been defining, developing and implementing Storage Area Networks (Sans) since 1994. As the leading provider of SAN solutions, the company has made the sharing of critical data storage resources possible in some of today's most challenging environments, ranging from banks and corporations to cable news and television broadcast facilities. Pathlight develops, manufactures and markets a complete family of SAN products. For more information call (607) 266-4000 or visit

About DISC

DISC Incorporated manufactures an extensive family of automated library solutions for enterprise storage. DISC products range in capacity from 104 GBs to 5.4 TBs and are designed for high performance and maximum reliability.

Customers seeking more information may reach DISC at 1-800-944-3472 or (408)934-7000.


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