DISC, Inc. announces new Blue Laser-based, Ultra Density Optical (UDO™) Storage

MILPITAS, Calif., (April 16, 2003) -- DISC Inc. (Nasdaq: DCSR - news), a manufacturer of automated solutions for enterprise storage, announced today their plans to integrate Ultra Density Optical (UDO), the next generation 5.25” professional optical storage technology, into their existing Orion series storage libraries. In addition, DISC plans to provide their current magneto-optical (MO) library customers with an upgrade path that allows a mixed MO and UDO operating environment.

The blue laser technology used in the UDO drives enables substantially greater data densities, resulting in dramatically higher media capacity. With 3X increase (30GB versus 9.1GB per media cartridge), customers will be able to purchase a highly cost-effective storage medium that is used for storing vast amounts of information, such as static content and reference data, or archival and permanent records which require adherence to legal retention requirements.

Multifunction UDO drives support both Write Once (WORM) and Rewritable media using Phase Change recording technology. The recording layer for UDO Rewritable media can be reheated by the blue laser so that data can be erased and rewritten, while
DISC, Inc. announces UDO compatibility in Orion Series libraries. UDO Write Once media uses an irreversible layer structure making it physically impossible for the drive to alter the data on the recording surface after it has been written.

“Blue laser and phase-change technologies represent major milestones for optical storage devices. The increase in bit density and faster data transfer rates will translate to dramatically lower price-per-gigabyte and substantially faster time-to-data,” said Wolfgang Schlichting, Research Manager of Removable Storage at IDC. “Blue laser-based devices, such as UDO drives will enable storage library manufacturers, such as DISC to bring a whole new generation of high-capacity, high-performance networked storage solutions to market.”

“I’m very excited to see a new generation of technology becoming available in the optical storage marketplace,” said Bob Riland, President and CEO of DISC. “With the availability of the UDO technology, DISC customers will have a viable roadmap beyond the current MO technology. This advancement in technology improves the value proposition of DISC from both a price and performance perspective. Including UDO in our product offering also makes DISC products more viable in some of the higher performance storage applications.”

The Orion series storage libraries with UDO technology that range in capacities from 4.2 TB to 31.5 TB are scheduled to be available in late fourth quarter of 2003. Upgrades to existing Orion systems will begin in Q1 2004.

About DISC:

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* UDO is a register trademark of Plasmon Plc


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