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DISC, JVC and NSM Announce Commitment to DVD-RAM Technology
for High Capacity "Jukebox" Storage

(November 14, 2000)

Las Vegas, NV - Industry leaders DISC, NSM Storage, and JVC Professional Products have announced their intentions to market nearline storage systems incorporating the latest generation of DVD-RAM drives. All three suppliers believe that the increased capacity and new features and functions of DVD RAM technology will boost the potential for DVD-RAM-based storage solutions.

By agreeing to cooperate in the promotion of DVD-RAM technology, the market's leading jukebox manufacturers intend to combine their experience and knowledge with that of the leading drive vendors in order to develop products which maximize the potential of high-capacity disc-based automated library systems to meet the growing data storage needs of cutting-edge IT environments.

DISC and NSM are giving demonstrations of this innovative nearline technology at COMDEX 2000 in the DVD-RAM Pavilion, booth L-6459.

DVD-RAM technology has already been shown to be superior to other solutions in many aspects. DVD-RAM technology, for example, supports both sequential and random write and read access and thereby combines the benefits of both DVD-R and DVD-RAM technologies. Direct access to the DVD-RAM and the possibility of storing files individually cuts administration levels and thereby helps reduce costs when restoring data.

The latest DVD-RAM drive technology offers capacities of 4.7GB (single-sided) and up to 9.4GB double-sided, on a high reliability media designed for integration into existing and Library Systems. With the recent introduction of Write Once Read Many (WORM) media based on the widely accepted DVD?RAM specifications, and capable of 9.4GB of storage (dual-sided), DVD-RAM technology now provides options for high-capacity data storage in virtually every application.

The true potential of this exciting new technology is best realized when the DVD-RAM drives are configured into nearline storage systems. For example, utilizing a 100-disc library system, users can provide up to 940 GB of secure, on-demand storage. Incredibly, a 600-disc library can provide up to 5.64 TB of storage.

The data storage market has been looking for a new high capacity, WORM-capable media, where stored data cannot be manipulated. This is particularly true of banks, medical imaging systems, and other institutional and government applications which not only require large capacity storage, but also extremely reliable media that offers protection against tampering while providing secure, long-term data storage. DVD-RAM WORM technology satisfies these market requirements.

DISC, NSM and JVC DVD-RAM Write Once technology offers these data archival applications several significant advantages compared to DVD-R technology:

  • DVD-RAM WORM has a write transfer rate of 2.77 MBs DVD-R is 1.385 MBs
  • DVD-RAM WORM offers a verify during write
  • DVD-R does not DVD-RAM WORM has defect management - DVD-R does not
  • DVD-RAM offers sequential and random write
  • DVD-R is sequential only DVD-RAM has no buffer under run problems

The commitment by DISC, NSM and JVC to DVD-RAM is intended to allow this technology to enjoy greater acceptance in the future. This in turn will create additional demand for the products, particularly in view of the fact that prices for jukeboxes are not expected to increase despite the increased capacity and functionality.

About DISC:

DISC, Inc. manufactures a family of automated library solutions for enterprise storage. DISC solutions are developed and produced at its ISO 9001-certified headquarters in Milpitas, California. DISC enterprise storage solutions range in capacity from 104GB to 5.4TB and are designed for high performance and maximum reliability. DISC's sales offices are located in Atlanta, Boston, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Northern California and London. DISC is traded over the NASDAQ stock exchange - Symbol DCSR. Customers seeking more information on the company's products can reach DISC by calling (800) 944-3472 or (408) 934-7000, or by accessing Disc's homepage on the Internet at:


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