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Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance Company, based in Northbrook, Ill., needed a secure image archiving and retrieval system that would allow its employees to track projects, follow the development of policy rewrites and retrieve standard forms. Speed, security and multi-user access were necessary, as Allstate has more than 14,000 agents in 10,000 locations. The company offers insurance products that cover automobiles, homes, apartments, businesses, boats, mobile homes, motor homes and motorcycles. The company also offers a variety of life insurance products and membership in its motor club. In each of these product areas, the company has developed different types of policies that can be tailored to a customer’s coverage needs.

Allstate required a reliable system that would allow multiple users in different departments to quickly access files, letters and forms, without compromising the integrity of those documents, said Lisa Rizzo, statistical assistant in the company’s personal lines product management department. Since the paper files had lasted for 30 years, Allstate wanted a technology that would ensure even safer storage of these valuable documents for years to come. In addition, the company wanted a technology that was essentially plug-and-play, so that users could retrieve documents with minimal hassle, Rizzo added.

Allstate chose an NSM library, because of its compact design, large storage capacity and scalability. "From an operational perspective, the device is very solid,” says Heinz Berger, senior staff analyst at Allstate. "It’s easy to operate and it’s ruggedly built,” he adds. This solid, ruggedized construction, which includes the patented "no-touch” changer technology, assures data fidelity and security. Compatible with a wide variety of elite jukebox software, Allstate’s system employs iXOS Jukeman 2.2 software to quickly and easily retrieve files.

Allstate chose CD\DVD technology over other media alternatives because of its large storage capacity, fast access time and ease of use. In addition, the single-drive CDR 100 XA costs significantly less than traditional CD towers and allows for quicker, multi-user access. The system can also be linked to other products like the NSM by DISC series, which expand the storage capacity and offer maximum network capability. For a company like Allstate, with 10,000 office locations, moving into such technology down the road could increase productivity and efficiency. Plus, CD\DVD technology offers the only PC storage technology that is standardized and interchangeable across all hardware platforms and networking protocols. So, when the time is right, a company like Allstate can expand its CD\DVD network without the headaches of incompatibility.

Currently, test users work in the company’s personal lines product management department responsible for automobile and property insurance products. But, once the network of users expands past the test group, the legal and claims departments will use the technology to retrieve company literature, marketing materials, legal documents and claim forms.

Other Insurance companies and agents integrating document management systems include: NY Life, First American Title Insurance, Commercial Union Insurance, Transnation, Title, & Escrow, Inc. and Prudential Services.


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