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R.R. Donnelly

R.R. Donnelly, one of largest commercial printers in North America employing more than 26,000 people and revenues near 5 billion for 1997, turned to Marcus Technology for creating a turn-key management solution incorporating a reliable and cost-effective CD\DVD Library System. As the leading provider of printing and related services to the merchandising, magazine, book, directory, and financial industries, pre-press companies are constantly searching for innovative ways to save time and money for its business and clients.

R.R. Donnelly specializes in the production of high-quality fashion catalogs, for companies such as JC Penney, Spiegel, Land’s End, Eddie Bauer, and Coldwater Creek. This site implemented a digital library for managing its customer image files contained within more than 1.5 terabytes of files that continue to climb! Marcus Technology is responsible for finding cost-effective solutions for the storage and archival of those images and data for its pre-press customers. No small task when dealing with thousands of files for hundreds of clients.

Since R.R. Donnelly is managing such a large amount of image files and data, it is imperative that it is able to quickly and easily track the images. R.R. Donnelly chose a solution that would allow near-line access, across multiple platforms, in a user-friendly environment, a Digital Library Management System (DLMS) created specifically for R.R. Donnelly’s by Marcus Technology’s innovative software management with an NSM CD\DVD Library System for creating a turn-key digital asset management system.

The NSM CD\DVD library featured as a key component of the system. CD\DVD storage was chosen for several reasons – the CD\DVD system performed near-line access to thumbnails of images, in approximately 4 seconds, with consistent reliability. The components of the system include: NSM Modular Series jukebox for CD\DVD storage, iStore DISCacher for jukebox control, iStore Macintosh Writer for authoring CDs, and TeleScope for content management. The jukebox for this particular DLMS included four high-speed drives, 340 disc capacity, and the fastest time-to-deliver data (TDD) in the market.

Once completed, the DLMS created for the pre-press application allowed for easy cataloging, searching, open viewing, storage, and management with detailed image files. The synthesizing of these different elements into one common interface is essential in the pre-press business.
Marcus can already see the day when he will be adding more or larger capacity jukeboxes to his turn-key solutions customized for the pre-press industry. CD\DVD jukebox technology and a Digital Library Management System have helped Marcus Technology stay ahead of the competition in servicing the catalog pre-press market.

Other prepress, publishing and graphic design companies utilizing NSM’s digital asset management systems include TrialGraphix, Intergraph and Polaroid.


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