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Customers are always welcome to contact the DISC Customer Support Department during regular business hours, but should contact their 3rd party service organization for all critical matters

DISC automated libraries typically service numerous users who depend on continuous availability of the library for direct access to data.

In order to meet customer requirements for high data availability, end user installations should be covered by a service contract with a qualified DISC service provider.

Prior to a call for library service, the problem should be isolated to the library component of the system. Normally the end user contacts system support from a system integrator, who subcontracts library service from a DISC service organization.

The system integrator is normally responsible for the library system. In some cases, the system integrator may be qualified to service the library. In some cases, the end user may hold responsibility for system support and may also be qualified to service the library.

DISC supports its service organizations with training, parts replacement, telephone support and on-site support as required.

DISC Service Organizations

DISC serivce is fulfilled with the coordinated efforts of DISC technical support engineers and primary service vendor partners whose field engineers can quickly respond to calls with onsite support. In addition, DISC service partners provide a logistics network for stocking and delivering parts and a service call management system for round-the-clock entry and tracking, field dispatch and service operations coordination.


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