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The Problem

Video surveillance applications place great demands on storage. With multi-camera installations and high-definition digital recording systems in use, users are employing high-resolution, high-frame rate, quality footage to protect their assets. Retention periods are increasing up to a year, as standard, exceeding the capabilities of VHS tape and single hard disk drives to store and quickly retrieve archived footage on demand.

The Solution

Magnetic tape is environmentally sensitive, and highly-volatile, while hard drives require a backup component to ensure a proper archive solution. The DISC solution is a centralized archive which stores multiple video streams and ensures that users have continuous, random access to current and archived video footage. Built upon one of the most reliable storage technologies ever created, DISC’s optical storage component shelf life is rated up to 35 years of continuous use, and negates the need to backup files to another medium.

    • Take advantage of high-quality, digital video
recording technology
    • Store multiple video streams    
    • Keep archived footage continuously available    
    • Quick and easy access to data
    • Robust non-volatile storage    
DISC Products Used in the Solution
NSM Series
Next-generation DVD storage libraries used for long-term storage and archiving. Modular design architecture for scalability up to 6.48 TBs of data in the same chassis. Random access to data ensures quick and easy file retrievals when needed.
Optimized file server and controller with automated data migration and management functions. Connects the NSM Series library to the LAN as an active network node. Optional High-Availability and clustering functionality for mission-critical applications.
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