The IT Storage Conundrum

IT Professionals have a big headache - and it’s got storage written all over it.

Storage complications facing IT Professionals are growing exponentially as users demand more storage. Data centers must satisfy the demand for storage, back up all their data on the network in ever-shrinking timeframes, and manage storage devices without growing the personnel pool at the rate of their capacity growth. Solving these problems with today’s budgets is a demanding and almost impossible task called the “IT Storage Conundrum.”

On today’s networks, 70% of the data is inactive and eating up valuable online storage capacity. However, this data must be available on demand and it is cost-prohibitive to store it in the online RAID system. Imagine if you could migrate inactive data to a NearLine storage device that offered random access, better reliability, and easier scalability than your online RAID system. DISC NearLine storage devices do all this for a fraction of the cost of RAID.

Customers like Citibank, Chrysler, Intel and the VA hospitals have deployed our solutions and saved thousands of dollars. DISC enterprise storage solutions are the perfect complement to today’s RAID systems and offer a better way to grow network storage. Our solutions for storage growth are the perfect answer to the IT Storage Conundrum.

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