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  Roadmap for Future Optical Storage Technologies
  DVD and MO technology are well established in the storage market for storing large amounts of static content and reference data. Next-generation optical storage will be based upon the upcoming blue-book / laser format which has a shorter wave length of 405nm. The goal behind this endeavor is to be able to expand storage capacity by 3x within the same 120mm form factor while increasing read and write performance characteristics.
  The Role of Optical Storage Technology - Trustworthy Storage & Management of Electronic Records
  Companies and public entities must retain records for a variety of reasons. Increasingly, electronic records are defined in laws and regulations as customers must reduce the legal, regulatory and business risks involved in the capture, storage, management and reproduction of their records. Optical storage can help. Read on to learn more.
  DISCSTOR/nas HA: High Availability & Clustering
  Up until very recently Network Attach Storage (NAS) has been viewed as a mid-tier storage solution for the marketplace. At the same time, enterprises were unable to efficiently leverage the technology due to its one-dimensional ability to store an serve files. DISCSTOR/nas HA is one of the most comprehensive storage solutions on the market today, and is one of the first products that offers the ease of use connectivity of NAS with the scalability and feature-set of optical storage technology.
  Developing a Storage Strategy
  Overview of how and why network storage will impact your enterprise. Understand the basics of storage management by reading this paper
  The IT Storage Conundrum
  IT professionals have a big headache - and it's got storage written all over it. Meeting your storage needs isn't as simple as adding more disk space. Read how forward-thinking enterprises are implementing NearLine storage to help them cope



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